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What is Chiropractic Medicine?

What is Chiropractic Medicine?

Kiropraktik, Naprapati & Osteopatins filosofi bygger på tre delar:

Kroppen är en enhet och helhet
Kroppen har en självläkande förmåga
Kroppens struktur och funktion är sammanlänkade

Grunden i Kiropraktiken

Till skillnad från vad många tror är kiropraktik inget nytt yrke. Konceptet utvecklades av D.D Palmer. Kiropraktorer har funnits sedan början av 1900-talet. Vi är skickliga på att diagnostisera, behandla och förebygga störningar i kroppens rörelseapparat.

The human body’s ability to heal itself is a valuable natural asset.

Our bodies have certain innate properties that protect, maintain and restore our health. The nervous system is our bodies’ main internal communicator. 

For this reason, any disturbance of its signals can result in a malfunction.  If this persists for a long time, a disease may develop. Chiropractic medicine only requires the hands of a skilled therapist as opposed to medication or surgery.

They address the interplay between the body’s components, such as the spine,  the skull, the limbs, and particularly the nervous system that controls our organs.

The relationship between the body’s structure and its function impacts its ability to restore and maintain health. Chiropractic medicine is a unique therapy that focuses on preventing disease rather than only mollifying its effects. Symptoms such as back pain, headaches, stomach or joint problems are usually natural byproducts of the complex relationship between our nervous system and our muscular and skeletal systems. 

However, these symptoms could also be a sign of malfunction occurring elsewhere in the body. Chiropractic medicine is an advanced remedy free of risk or negative side effects.

American chiropractic medicine is an natural path to good health. 93 per cent of patients with spinal problems are satisfied with chiropractic treatment.

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